Letterman Tries To Get Fired Anchor A.J. Clemente’s Job Back For Him: ‘They Should Apologize To You’

Letterman Tries To Get Fired Anchor's Job Back For Him: 'They Should Apologize To You'

Recently fired North Dakotan local news anchor A.J. Clemente continues his unlikely media tour tonight with an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Clemente, whose first day on the job lasted mere seconds after he exclaimed “fuckin’ shit!” on air, got some important career advice from veteran television host David Letterman.

Letterman already expressed his empathy while delivering a top ten list in honor of Clemente’s blunder on last night’s show. As you can see in the preview clip below, the host continued his strong support of the young man, telling him how he should try to get his short-lived job back.

“What about these goons in Bismarck,” Letterman asked, “are they going to give you the job back?” He told Clemente that he’s “better than” the local news in North Dakota and “they should apologize to you.” He continued, “If you want to, you should be offered that job back.”

Asked whether he would even accept his old job back after all of the national attention he has received, Clemente said, “I’ve thought about it, but if, you know, ESPN comes knocking…”

“Look, I’m trying to get you the job back in Bismarck,” Letterman told him. “Forget about ESPN, that ain’t gonna happen!”

While ESPN might be a stretch for the clearly inexperienced anchor, with this much viral momentum, there has to be a reality show or something in this guy’s future.

Watch video below, via CBS:

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