Levi Johnston Tells Joy Behar That The RNC Did Not Like His Mullet In 2008

Levi Johnston‘s career/persona cannot be defined with with one simple descriptive. He isn’t just the father to Bristol Palin‘s child; nor is he just a part-time model for Playgirl magazine or aspiring actor. He is also, of course, a published author of a book called Deer in the Headlights. While promoting the book last night on The Joy Behar Show, Johnston shared a story about his sudden entry into the public eye back in August of 2008, and how RNC stylists quickly made him over in advance of the St. Paul GOP convention.

While it’s almost hard to imagine a time when Sarah Palin lived in relative obscurity in the lower 48, that actually was the case when she was surprisingly chosen to be Senator John McCain‘s Vice Presidential running mate in August of 2008. Since her selection happened in the last few day before the GOP convention, her family (including Levi) were almost immediately swept up by RNC officials and “made over” in an image considered more befitting of a Vice Presidential family.

This is the story told in the segment below by a charmingly lucid Levi Johnston, who reveals that he was expected to endure a manicure, spray tan and wardrobe change. He apparently declined most of the makeover, but he did agree to lose the mullet. He did not share, however, whether or not he nuked another Grandma’s apple pie and hung his head in shame. Oh no.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of HLN:

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