Lewandowski: Trump Needs to Make Sure Democrats Answer to ‘Dead American Because of an Illegal Alien’


There is no question that the death of Police Officer Ronil Singh is by any definition a tragedy. The fact the suspect is an undocumented/illegal alien adds a layer of complexity to the story but makes Singh’s death no more or less tragic.

The shameless political exploitation of Singh’s death by former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, however, is a perfect demonstration of just how shallow and craven the debate over border security has become.

During a Friday morning appearance on Fox & Friends, the former police officer and always high-volumed conservative cable news pundit called on President Donald Trump to make the Democrats answer for the death of Singh, suggesting the reason that officer is dead is because of Democratic immigration policies.

Immigration policy is remarkably complicated and complex, and both parties own responsibilities in the situation in which we currently find ourselves. The argument that Lewandowski appears to be making is that a border wall would have prevented the deaths of citizens at the hands of those here illegally.

That is simply not the truth, and to suggest as much is remarkably irresponsible. In fact, data shows that the population of immigrants here without documentation are significantly more law-abiding than others.

Watch the segment above, courtesy of Fox News.

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