Lewis Black Sums Up All Recent Public Displays Of Anger

black_9-17Lewis Black made his return to The Daily Show for his semi-regular look at ‘news stories that fall through the cracks.’ His “Back in Black” segment focused on the public “anger” in the news recently.

“Yeah, anger feels great, but I know a thing or two about rage, and I can tell you this is just an emotional fad,” he said. Here’s why.

In the case of Serena Williams, Black tied it back to “the good old days,” with a few clips of an angry John McEnroe. For Kanye West, he was able to help with the dismissal by calling the VMAs the ’38th most prestigious awards show.’

As for Congressman Joe Wilson – things seem to be going well for him. Black says he’s raised nearly two million dollars since “You Lie” – and Black needs a new agent.

He also managed a shot at Jay Leno. “If [Leno’s] questions made Kanye cry, I’d hate to see him try to get through ‘Steel Magnolias,'” said Black.

Black does have a point – the media has been summing up these outbursts as symptomatic of the same problem with civility these days. But trying to equate Rep. Wilson’s yell in Congress with an emotional outburst on the tennis court or on stage comes up somewhat hollow.

Here’s the segment:

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