Limbaugh Asks Hannity: If Barr’s Summary is a Lie, Why Hasn’t Mueller Said Anything?


Rush Limbaugh followed up his appearance with Bret Baier on Thursday, sticking around to talk with Sean Hannity after the President’s rally in Michigan. He covered a number of the same points in both appearances, including asking why, if AG William Barr‘s summary is a lie as Democrats and the press are suggesting, has Robert Mueller not said anything?

Like he did with Baier, Limbaugh went on a tear about the Democrats and the media, saying they consider themselves at “war” with Republicans, and want to “eliminate” conservatives and the GOP on their quest for their “totalitarian” state”

He referred to Hannity’s earlier discussion with Donald Trump Jr. and said that the collusion push is not over after Barr’s summary was submitted.

“It is not over. It is still happening. The Democrat party and the media and all of these people from the Obama Administration that ran this scandal are still running it,” he said. “The objective remains to get Donald Trump out of office, either by driving his numbers down or impeaching him or defeating him in 2020.”

“Today the New York Times has the story that the Mueller report is 300 pages and the Barr summary is four pages and, therefore, Barr is lying,” he said. “Pelosi literally said that we cannot trust the attorney general.

“These people are believing now that there is evidence of collusion in the Mueller report and that Barr is not telling the truth,” he continued. “The New York Times is leading this effort. The rest of the drive-by media is going to pick it up, because it prolongs the narrative that Trump is unworthy, that Trump cheated, that we need to redo the election results of 2016.”

He went then into his question about Mueller.

“So we are being led to believe that this report does contain evidence of collusion. Barr is lying about it,” he said. Now if–this is so silly– If it contains evidence of collusion, then where is Mueller on television all night saying ‘wait a minute, wait a minute. That is not what my report says. My report says there is plenty of evidence of collusion. I had all the anti-Hillary people on my staff and we found all kind of evidence and Barr is lying.'”

“Why isn’t Mueller doing that if Barr is lying about what’s in the report?” said Limbaugh.

When Buzzfeed ran a story about statements to the Special Counsel’s office that were apparently untrue, Mueller’s office disputed the claims in public, so speaking out about inaccuracies regarding his office is not unprecedented.

Limabaugh offered a comparison, saying that if he’d told his own audience that he knew and had inside information that Hillary was definitely going to “be locked up”, saying for two years he was sure it was happening, and then it didn’t happen, his audience would never trust him again.

“This exact thing has happened from MSNBC to CNN to the New York Times to the Washington Post, they’re lying to everybody and their audiences don’t seem to care. ‘Just give us more fake news.’ They want it, they can’t accept that it’s not true. They can’t accept that Donald Trump is not a traitor,” said Limbaugh.

“They’re not happy to learn that their president is not a foreign agent, they’re unhappy,” he said. “We’re dealing with deranged people who are not rational. We can’t deal with them rationally.”

He then said that people need to be investigated and if necessary, go to jail. He added that he thinks it goes “all the way up” to former President Barack Obama.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News Channel.

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