Limbaugh: Why Wasn’t Obama Invited To The Royal Wedding With All The Other Dictators?

We’ve been anxiously waiting for Rush Limbaugh to comment on the upcoming Royal Wedding™ as, we’re certain, have all of you. Now, finally, the conservative radio host is keen to note that President Barack Obama has not been invited to partake in the wedding to end all weddings, even though far more controversial world leaders are set to gorge themselves on jordan almonds and… pheasant or figgy pudding or whatever it is that wedding-goers will be halfheartedly pushing around on their plates.

Limbaugh slyly notes that this must be a slap in the face to the President and First Lady since, after all, so many “other dictators” received invitation. Even Muammar al-Gaddafi – the man at the center of a heated revolution – was invited, although his invitation was later “rescinded” due to the fighting in Libya, although Limbaugh ventures to guess the real reason is because officials didn’t quite know how to spell his name.

One reason that the Obamas were snubbed, Limbaugh guesses, could be that Obama gave away the bust of Winston Churchill that once decorated the Oval Office, returning it to Britain. (The Telegraph reported on this in 2009 by noting that “Barack Obama has sent Sir Winston Churchill packing and pulse rates soaring among anxious British diplomats.”) Then there’s the fact that Obama once gifted British Labour Party politician Gordon Brown with a set of 25 region 1 DVDs of American movies, effectively rendering the Obamas slightly better gift-givers than my aunt, who has given my father the same wooden duck sculpture four Christmases in a row.

Then again, Tony Blair wasn’t invited, either! Nor was Charlie Sheen.

Watch the segment for yourselves, while wondering what whether the Obamas are thinking of sending the newlyweds a gift anyway, and whether that gift will be a tea cozy vaguely shaped like Betsy Ross:

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