Limbaugh Rails Against Fox’s Juan Williams and Other ‘Leftist Hacks’

On his radio show Thursday afternoon, Rush Limbaugh branded Fox News commentator Juan Williams a “leftist hack” along with other journalists who recently visited at the White House with President Obama.

“Williams was one of the leftist hacks invited to the White House,” Limbaugh said on his show. “In the meeting, it was a confab where Obama was sharing with them ways in which he wishes his lie about keeping your policy had been covered.”

Limbaugh noted how Williams told his Fox colleagues Thursday afternoon that the president told the journalists that he wishes the insurance companies hadn’t sent out “cancellation” policies, but rather “renewal notices for better plans.”

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“How could any intelligent person come out and say, ‘Oh, okay, Mr. President, that’s what I’ll report’?” Limbaugh relayed the question from a viewer.

“It’s not about intelligence,” Limbaugh replied. “It’s about hackery, it’s about activism, it is about people who are disguised as journalists who are just Democrat hacks. And Obama brought them up and said, ‘Okay, here’s how we’re going to deal with this.'”

Listen below:

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