Rush Tears Apart GOP, Tells Them To Grow A Spine: I Don’t Want Compromise With Dems, ‘I Want To Defeat’ Them


Rush Limbaugh spent some time during his Fox News interview Tuesday night slamming the Republican party for not listening to its conservative base enough. He told Greta Van Susteren that the Republican party is a little too complicit in conceding to President Obama on issue after issue, declaring that the party needs to put its foot down, stop the compromise, and understand they should be fighting to “defeat” the Democrats, not work side by side with them in harmony.

Limbaugh said that the Republican party does not like its own conservative base, noting how much heat he gets for what he says. He told Van Susteren, “I get more grief than the Taliban gets. I get more grief than al Qaeda gets. And all conservatives do.”

He said the real battle isn’t right vs. left but “Washington versus the rest of the country,” and while he didn’t want to speculate on the future of the Republican party, he found it baffling why Republican leaders, who aren’t “stupid,” are “agreeing with the Democrats on issue after issue.”

Van Susteren asked Limbaugh if he thinks there’s any room for compromise with Democrats at all. Limbaugh put his foot down and said no, explaining “I’m about defeating them, Greta, not compromising with them.” He charged that whenever the media talks about “compromise” it’s all about Republicans needing to compromise with Democrats, not the other way around.

I’m about defeating them, within the political arena of ideas. I’m not talking about anything of a deleterious nature, just defeat them in the arena of ideas… Obama is about eliminating opposition, not working with it. So why should we help him? I think the Democrats are the people who need to be defeated. There’s nothing about what they believe that I want to compromise with. I want to defeat it.

He added, “[The U.S. is] hanging by a thread. We’re about to lose it. Why compromise with the people responsible for this?”

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