Rush Limbaugh: Al-Qaeda ‘Gave Up Osama Bin Laden’ To Make ‘Obama Look Good’

Limbaugh: Al-Qaeda 'Gave Up Osama Bin Laden' To Make 'Obama Look Good'

On his syndicated radio program Wednesday afternoon, conservative host Rush Limbaugh floated his own theory that notorious terror group al-Qaeda “gave up” its leader Osama bin Laden in order to make President Barack Obama look good, increasing his electoral prospects and advancing their anti-Israel cause.

“Wild theory, picking it off the wall,” he prefaced before saying: “What do the militant Islamists want more than anything in the world? Israel gone is right. Even moderate Islamists want Israel gone.”

Implying that an Obama re-election would mean progression towards the end of an Israeli state, Limbaugh then floated his theory: “What if Ayman al-Zawahiri and other al-Qaeda leaders gave up Osama bin Laden for the express purpose of making Obama look good? Giving Obama stature, political capital?”

“Al-Qaeda was not depending on Osama bin Laden for operational leadership,” Limbaugh continued, “his day had come and gone. He’s expendable.” Giving up bin Laden, Limbaugh said, would give Obama “instant political capital” and “furthers the cause.”

“Let me put it to you this way,” the radio host concluded: “Do you think that militant Islamists will be as hopeful of getting rid of Israel with a Republican president or with a Democrat president?”

Listen below, via Premiere Radio Networks:

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