Lincoln Chafee Brags About Having Dinner With Fidel Castro

Lincoln ChafeeDuring a speech before the Democratic National Committee, Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee bragged to the audience that he once sat down for dinner with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when I was in the Senate, and I was lucky to chair the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee,” Chafee said.

“So I have been all through this hemisphere, down through South America,” he said. “I had dinner with Fidel Castro in Havana. I have met many of the world leaders in Venezuela, and Bolivia with [President Evo Morales], in Ecuador with [President Rafeal Correa], in Brazil, in Peru.”

It’s worth noting that the two other leaders that Chafee name-checks are also considered part of the growing leftist anti-American bloc in Latin America, as is the government of Venezuela.

Watch, via CSPAN.

[Image via screengrab]
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