Lincoln Chafee’s 2016 Platform Includes Getting America on the Metric System

chafeeLincoln Chafee is officially running for president.

Don’t worry if you don’t know who he is, lots of people don’t. He served as a Rhode Island senator from 1999 to 2007 and as the state’s governor from 2011 to earlier this year.

He also used to be a Republican but then he became an independent but now he’s a Democrat. So he’s jumped around a bit.

He’s attempted to distinguish himself from Hillary Clinton by highlighting his “high ethical standards” and slamming her “Bush-like” foreign policy.

But in his official campaign kickoff today, Chafee latched onto a winning issue that guarantees he’ll distinguish himself from all of his rivals in one very important way.

He wants America to join the metric system.

No, seriously:

“Earlier, I said ‘let’s be bold.’ Here’s a bold brace of internationalism. Let’s join the rest of the world and go metric. I happen to live in Canada, and they completed the process. Believe me, it’s easy. It doesn’t take long before 34 degrees is hot. Only Myanmar, Liberia, and the United States aren’t metric, and it will help our economy.”

Well, this is a first (I’m assuming no other U.S. presidential candidates in history have taken public stands on the metric system in their campaign kickoffs).

Watch the video below, via C-SPAN 3:

[image via screengrab]

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