Lindsay Graham: ‘All Of Us Should Be Fired’ If Congress Doesn’t Have A Plan To Reduce Debt

Sen. Graham: 'All Of Us Should Be Fired' If Congress Doesn't Have A Plan To Reduce Debt

Senator Lindsay Graham appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday and said if Congress raises the debt ceiling without a simultaneous plan to reduce the debt, all Congresspeople “should be fired.”

Candy Crowley asked him if he was prepared to shut down the government over the debt ceiling fight, as his colleague Pat Toomey (R-PA) suggested. Graham didn’t answer directly, but instead said, “I want to raise the debt ceiling but I will not do it without a plan to get out of debt.”

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“If you raise the debt ceiling by a dollar, you need to cut spending by a dollar,” he said.

President Obama has already said he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling. Fellow Republican Newt Gingrich has called the Republican threat to hold the debt ceiling hostage a “dead loser.”

Watch the full clip below, via CNN:

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