Lindsey Graham Blasts Republicans on MSNBC to Hugh Hewitt, a Republican on MSNBC, Then Backtracks


Republican MSNBC political analyst and talk radio host Hugh Hewitt had Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on his radio show this morning, and things got awkward right off the bat during their first exchange about “Never Trump” Republicans.

Hewitt had just introduced Graham, and began his first question by discussing Republicans or conservatives who dislike the president, and the fact that they invoke the late Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who was famously opposed to Trump.

“There are about a half dozen Never Trumpers left in the country, maybe ten, and I run into a lot of them in the halls at MSNBC,” he began. “Some of them have taken to saying that John McCain would not be happy with Lindsey Graham. And I get mad, because I know that no two people were closer in the Senate than you and Senator McCain. Funniest moment in my history of my radio show was when you two gave me a hard time after Trump gave me a Trump tattoo one morning. But what do you make when people tell you what John McCain would think of Lindsey Graham today, your best friend in the Senate?”

“Well, number one, if you’re on MSNBC as a Republican, you’ve lost your way,” Graham immediately responded.

“Well, I’m there,” Hewitt interrupted with a wry laugh.

Graham was continuing to speak, saying “most of these people…” but when he realized what Hewitt said, he shifted, saying “Yeah, but you’re actually being a Republican on MSNBC.”

“That’s true,” said Hewitt.

“And you’re trying to tell our side of the story, and I appreciate MSNBC having your voice,” Graham sort of awkwardly tacked on.

Graham did answer the question about McCain.

“You know, John McCain, when it came to judges, was a hard ass. He voted against Sotomayor and Kagan, and I voted for them. So John would have been over the top mad about the way they treated Kavanaugh,” he said. “If he’d been the committee chairman and you hid stuff from the committee, the lawyers never told Dr. Ford hey, by the way, you, we would have gone to California, he would have blown his top. So that’s all chatter.”

“Well, John McCain will, he’ll affect my life forever,” he said. “He was a great mentor, but you know, I am me, and I am going to fight for what I believe.”

Listen to the clip above, courtesy of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show.

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