Lindsey Graham: Democrats Running in 2020 Have to Prove They’re ‘Insane’ on SCOTUS

Senator Lindsey Graham claimed Democrats looking to run for president in 2020 have to prove they are the “most insane person” on the issue of President Donald Trump’s nominees for the Supreme Court.

Graham, who made the accusation while appearing on Fox News today, was referencing the Democrats’ backlash to Trump choosing Judge Brett Kavnaugh as his choice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy last night, as many see view the president’s SCOTUS choice as a threat to reproductive rights and other liberal issues.

The South Carolina lawmaker dropped the “insane” line in the following remarks to Fox News host Martha MacCallum made this afternoon:

“President Trump could nominate George Washington and they would all be up in arms. It seems to be that if you are running for president on the Democratic side in 2020 or thinking about it, you have to prove you are the most insane person when it comes to Trump nominees. It’s sad to see my colleagues sink so low. This is a well-qualified nominee. He’s lived an incredible life, he’s one of the greatest conservative minds of his generation. He’s every bit as qualified as Sotomayor and Kagan. Every president deserves a chance to pick nominees that are qualified.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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