Lindsey Graham Flips the Flip Out Over Pelosi’s Offer of ‘One Dollar’ For Border Wall


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) delivered an angry rant about Democratic opposition to Trump’s border wall, but one thing in particular really seems to have gotten under his skin: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi‘s (D-CA) joking offer of “on dollar” in funding for the barrier that Mexico was supposed to pay for.

On Sunday morning’s edition of CBS News’ Face the Nation, host Margaret Brennan repeatedly pressed Graham over the ongoing government shutdown, asking why questions about the border wall couldn’t be settled after reopening the government.

Graham cycled through many familiar talking points, but there were two things that really seemed to set him off. The first was Pelosi’s joke, at a press conference earlier this week, that she would be willing to offer “one dollar” for Trump’s border wall.

A reporter asked Pelosi “Is there any situation that you would accept even a dollar of wall funding for this president in order to reopen the government?”

“A dollar?” Pelosi asked, to laughter from the reporters. “A dollar? Yeah, one dollar.”

Graham bitterly referenced Pelosi’s remark five times in the course of his interview, including telling Brennan “Why would you negotiate with somebody who calls you a racist if you want a wall, who gives you a dollar for a wall?”

Graham also said that the federal workers who are being affected by the shutdown are “being held hostage by people who say you need one dollar to secure the border.”

The second thing that set Graham off was the accusation of racism that he referenced, which he also repeated five times. But Pelosi did not call the wall “racist” in her remarks Thursday.

Pelosi did say that the wall “is an immorality,” and added that “It’s not who we are as a nation. And this is not a wall between Mexico and the United States that the president is creating here, it’s a wall between reality and his constituents, his supporters.”

But it was Trump himself who kicked off his own presidential campaign by saying, of undocumented immigrants from Mexico, “They’re rapists, and some of them, I assume, are good people.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.


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