Lindsey Graham: I’m Not Watching ‘Un-American’ Impeachment Hearings, Won’t Legitimize This ‘Threat to the Presidency’


Republican Senator and faithful Trump defender Lindsey Graham condemned the House Democrats’ upcoming impeachment hearings as “un-American” and said he would refuse to watch what he called a “threat to the Presidency.”

Speaking with fellow Trump confidant and loyalist, Sean Hannity, the South Carolina Republican reiterated his disgust with the House Democrats’ process for investigation the impeachment of President Donald Trump. In recent days, he has blasted it as a “bunch of BS” and declared that he would refuse to read any sworn testimony after a litany of damming witnesses implicated the White House in attempting to extort a corruption investigation into Joe Biden in exchange for releasing $391 million in military aid. Six weeks ago, however, Graham had said he would be “very disappointed” with Trump if evidence proved that kind of coercion by the White House.

“What’s happening in the House is basically un-American,” Graham claimed on Tuesday. “No American, including Donald Trump, should be accused of misdeeds without confronting their accuser, which is the whistleblower, and no American should be denied the ability to tell their side of the story by calling witnesses to explain their defense. That’s being denied the President of United States.”

Legal experts have repeatedly dismissed this argument, pointing out, per the Constitution, that impeachment in the House is a political process more akin to the grand jury investigation phase, and that the president will enjoy due process rights during any Senate trial.

“So why am I not going to watch this hearing tomorrow?” Graham said, posing a rhetorical question. “Because I think it is a threat to the presidency. I don’t want to legitimize it. It’s un-American. It denies the basics of due process.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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