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Lindsey Graham Rips FBI Over IG Report: ‘This Is What J. Edgar Hoover Used to Do’

Following the release of today’s DOJ IG report, inspector general Michael Horowitz is expected to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Committee chairman Lindsey Graham spoke with Sean Hannity tonight and railed against the FBI, saying of the Russia investigation, “If it started legitimate, it became criminal pretty quick.”

He railed against the FISA application process in which Horowitz admonished the FBI for serious errors and omissions with respect to FISA warrants against Carter Page. Graham said, “It became as if J. Edgar Hoover came from the grave and took over the investigation in January 2017.”

“I hope every American would agree that the proper thing for the FBI to do is to inform the court of exculpatory information,” Graham said. “The wrong thing to do is lie to the court about what the sub-source told you and I hope every American would agree that from their own that this would become very dangerous to democracy.”

At one point he said he wants James Comey to talk to the committee and wondered why Comey considers the report vindication. (Hannity added he wants to face off with Comey on the air.)

Graham again said, “This is what J. Edgar Hoover used to do. They used to make stuff up. They used a lot of people to get what they wanted. Here’s the question, why didn’t they tell the court about exculpatory information? Because it would stop the investigation. Why would they not want to stop the investigation? They hate Donald Trump’s guts and any other conclusion is pretty ridiculous.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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