Lindsey Graham: Trump ‘Crossing a Line’ With Comments About the DOJ, Clinton


Senator Lindsey Graham offered some criticism today over President Trump‘s comments saying the DOJ should be looking into Hillary Clinton.

Graham first discussed the NYC terror attack and told Chris Wallace that while Trump himself has “the right attitude about fighting the war on terror,” the Trump administration “is doing exactly what the Obama administration did” and “they’re using Obama’s playbook.”

He expressed his frustration with the DOJ and said, “I’m urging the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, to come up with new protocols to hold terror suspects, soldiers of the caliphate, people who kill our ambassador as enemy combatants in the future.”

Wallace then brought up the public comments Trump has been making about the DOJ and how they should be investigating the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

Graham said, “Rather than directing his Department of Justice to go after Hillary Clinton, I wish he would direct his Department of Justice to come up with policies to hold terror suspects, soldiers of the caliphate, as enemy combatants.”

He did say that he thinks there should be a special counsel to investigate the “Fusion GPS episode” and Uranium One “because Mueller can’t do this,” but did offer some criticism of the President’s remarks:

“The president of the United States is in charge of the executive branch. It’s not his job to be telling the attorney general to prosecute a particular individual or a group. It is the attorney general’s job to do that independent. We have a rule of law that’s independent of political influence. And when you call on the attorney general to prosecute your former opponent, that is crossing a line.”

He again said that there should be investigations into these other issues too, saying, “Everything about Fusion GPS stinks.”

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