LISTEN: Terrified Motorists Call 911 as Windstorm Violently Shakes Bridge Beneath Them

Earlier this month, Washington state experienced a terrifying wind storm that caused plenty of property damage and frightened motorists when it violently shook the State Route 520 floating bridge in Seattle. Audio has now emerged showing just how horrified several motorists were while stuck on the bridge.

According to reports, the bridge was swaying up to five feet left and right during a storm that reached wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour. Around 50 vehicles were left abandoned on the bridge and the state’s Department of Transportation made the decision to close the bridge for several hours.

The audio show stranded motorists clearly panicking as the bridge sways beneath them. When a 911 operator attempts to assure one motorist that officials are assessing the situation, the driver seems confused and upset the bridge stayed open as long as it did.

Listen to the calls below, via KCPQ:

And an earlier report on the storm’s ferocity, via ABC News:

[h/t TheBlaze]

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