Live In Iowa: Sarah Palin Tells Sean Hannity ‘I Am Still Considering A Run’ For President

Sarah Palin‘s seemingly surprise appearance at the Iowa State Fair this week drew some questions from the press about whether or not she was trying to steal the media spotlight from other GOP candidates. Tonight she appeared via live feed to Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss the GOP debate last night, which included her praise of Newt Gingrich for taking on the media(Fox News’s Chris Wallace) and drew cheers from the crowd when she proclaimed “I AM still considering a run” for president.

Hannity simpply asked the former Governor of Alaska “are you considering a run for the presidency of the United States?” Palin replied “I am still considering a run, Sean,” adding “I think the good folks near iowa, you can ask be in here and I think they would tell you, it is time this country is put back on the right track.” She then went on to make many of the predictable talking points to the adoring crowd surrounding her. Watch below, courtesy of Fox News:

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