Live On GMA: Bill Richardson Denies Pardon To Billy The Kid

Sorry, Billy, it’s just not going to happen.

Live on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning, outgoing New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson ended speculation about a potential pardon for notorious outlaw Billy the Kid, saying

Why, Richardson was asked, is this even on the Governor’s last-day-in-office agenda?

“This is American history, this is New Mexico’s history, this is the historical record” Richardson said, referring to a long-standing question–you know, since about 1881–over whether or not a previous New Mexico governor promised Billy a pardon for testifying in a murder case (Richardson has never considered a pardon for the outlaw’s legendary string of killings, including law enforcement officers).

Richardson–SPOILER ALERT!–concluded that Billy the Kid had been promised a pardon, BUT there’s “enough historically ambiguity” about the reasons why the deal was never completed. “When Billy the Kid killed two deputies, two law enforcement members escaping the Lincoln County Jail, I have to include that in my decision,” said Richardson in an announcement the nation had been losing sleep over. “Accordingly, I’ve decided not to pardon Billy the Kid.”

Richardson also noted that the publicity around a possible pardon has been great for New Mexico tourism–reminding Americans that Billy the Kid came from New Mexico, and that the state has a rich heritage in the Old West.

Watch it here, from ABC News:

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