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Liz Cheney Defends Sarah Palin, Suggests Cheney 2012 Ticket

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During her appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, the former State Department official and eldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney spoke about the political future of Sarah Palin. But though she had kind words for the former Alaska governor, she might soon be an intra-party rival. Or a potential running mate?

“Whatever Republican takes the mantle of our party in 2012 they’re going to have to be able to address these incredibly grave challenges we’re facing as a nation,” Liz Cheney said. To attract Republicans and independents, a strong candidate would be necessary, she continued, but it would be “nothing short of sexist” to assume Sarah Palin couldn’t be that person.

NPR’s Juan Williams fervently disagreed with Cheney’s assertion, seconded by William Kristol, running through the standard anti-Palin points with near-robotic ease.

The conversation then moves to a non-starter of a non-story — President Obama‘s bow to the emperor of Japan — including comparative clips of the almost infamous Obama meeting and a past meeting between the same emperor and Vice President Cheney. Kristol seems ambivalent about the clips, but Liz Cheney notes, “You could also look at the comparison and think Cheney 2012.”

The table erupts in a peculiar laughter before someone comments, “Let loose, make news!” Indeed.

Check out the clip below:

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