Local Reporter Covering Hurricane Gets Slathered In ‘Sea Foam’ (Likely Raw Sewage?)

The image says it all: WTTG Fox D.C. reporter Tucker Barnes braved the beach at Ocean City, Maryland to give a live report of the wind and water power of Hurricane Irene. Except, unlike most of the unfortunate, courageous reporters out tonight braving the elements, Barnes had to suffer neither rain nor water, but what he called “sea foam,” which Fox later explained was “probably the remnants of raw sewage.”

Barnes was covering the storm Maryland for WTTG, but also reported in live for Fox’s New York affiliate– just as many of the media’s bravest (and Geraldo Rivera) have been doing all day up and down the East Coast. Barnes explained to the anchors at home, however, that what was engulfing him didn’t “taste” or “smell” great and had a “sandy consistency,” but he had no idea what it was, other than “some sort of organic batter.” At some point, Barnes mostly disappeared under the foam, knee-deep in foam. The worst part? According to WTTF, the “bizarre wild substance that is about to bury you” was “often a toxic mix of pollution and cyanobacteria.”

If this isn’t award-winning storm coverage, it’s at the very least some irrefutable evidence to bring to the table for a worker’s comp claim.

The video from WNYW Fox 5 below:

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