Local News Anchor Accuses Anderson Cooper Of Ripping Off His Segment

Local news anchor Derek James has a bone to pick with one Anderson Cooper–and naturally, this has everything to do with Jersey Shore‘s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. As you may have read in the suicide note of your high school English teacher, Snooki’s at work on her second book, and Cooper “defended” Polizzi’s chops as an author by giving a dramatic reading of some of her “work.” More great TV from the Silver Fox, you say? Sure. But the morning crew at WCCB-TV were simply not amused. “I’m going to address you personally, Anderson Cooper, Mr. Silver Fox,” began James on his show, Fox News Rising. “You and your staff–your huge staff–have to steal segments from me, little local TV host Derek James?”

James then aired a similar segment he did back in January–reading from Polizzi’s book in an armchair, with a pipe, by a virtual fireplace. If only James could offer evidence that Anderson Cooper was vacationing in Charlotte on that day! Maybe he just watches Fox News Rising on the web?

“I did it first, and I did it best,” James said, declaring Cooper “the most ridiculististist person in the World,” which will probably result in a massive self-esteem collapse for Cooper at the Worst Possible Time, just as Cooper prepares to move to 8 p.m. and launch a new daytime talk show, Anderson, that–as luck would have it–on WCCB.

Watch it here, from WCCB:

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