Local News Anchor Misjudges Width Of HD, Flips Off Co-Worker On Air

Those extra-wide screens that give you so much real estate to watch football or Anderson Cooper getting punched also have a downside: if you’re a local news anchor and you want to casually flip off a co-worker while also doing the news, you’ve simply got to remember where the shot ends. KPRC/Houston anchor Owen Conflenti apparently was operating on a standard def landscape, and when he raised his middle finger during a morning newscast Monday, he kept his digit fully in frame for everyone watching in HD. Gotta love it.

Local news blog TV Spy reports rumors of Confleti’s suspension over the bird-flipping may have been exaggerated–the anchor missed his usual anchor slot Tuesday, but was apparently traveling to the Super Bowl. (Nice recovery!)

TVSpy spoke with KPRC’s VP of News, Deborah Collura, and, although she had “no comment” about the errant middle finger, she confirmed that Conflenti was out covering the Super Bowl as scheduled and said that he appeared on this morning’s newscast with a report from the Dallas area.

Conflenti emailed TVSpy this morning to say that he was indeed in North Texas doing pre-Super Bowl stories. “As you probably assumed, I can’t comment,” he wrote.

Watch it all unfold here–and it’s actually much, much better as video than the above still image–from YouTube:

(h/t TV Spy)

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