Local News Anchors Confess Their Chupacabra Report Is Only For The Ratings

It’s a summer Wednesday at your local news office and nothing particularly spectacular has happened in the area, but, as news anchor, you’ve still got a half-hour to fill and the script shows nothing but dead air for a good five minutes. What do you do? At WOAI San Antonio (an NBC affiliate), anchors Randy Beamer and Elsa Ramon resurrected a decade-old alien story, and felt too guilty not to admit it was a shameless attempt to raise ratings.

Ramon and Beamer went on air tonight and reported on the possible discovery of the mythical Chupacabras, most recently seen also helping to fill up dead air time on VH1’s “I Love 1999.” “You know, what would it be if we didn’t have a story about a ‘chupacabra?” Ramon asks Beamer, who responds earnestly: “It would not be a ratings month– I’m sorry, did I say that? I can’t say that.”

Beamer then continues to report to story on the verge of laughter, letting another cynical comment slip mid-report: “[the finding] has many people, especially on TV, wondering: Is the Chupacabra for real?”

Let it never be said that news anchors are not honest people.

Video below:

[h/t Gawker]

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