Local News Moment Of The Day: Reporter Attacked During Live Report On Animal Cruelty

It was a quiet night in Philadelphia. The crickets were chirping, the lights were dimming, and police were raiding a local residency housing several dead dogs, a live alligator, and a comatose partridge in a pear tree. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

Police entered the home when they spotted a naked man and dead iguana outside the house, and discovered the man was hoarding animals. But according to The Blaze, that was the least bizarre part of a local news report involving animal cruelty in the area.

Fox29 reporter Chris O’Connell was reporting live on the case at the scene of the crime. He described an “extreme stench” coming from inside the building, and was about to continue his report when he was suddenly attacked. In the following video, you’ll see video journalist Dave Edwards step in to pull the man off him.

Later on, O’Connell explained that the man was the son of the house’s owner, and attacked him because they were covering his father’s activities. In the following video, O’Connell finishes up his report, mentioning that the owner has been arrested for animal hoarding, and showing footage of neighbors complaining about the poor conditions. He also mentions that police are questioning his attacker in the background.

The attacker was eventually arrested, and is expected to be charged with assault and resisting arrest.

h/t The Blaze

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