Local News Reporter Forced To Report Live As (Seemingly) Every Other Reporter On Earth Dashes Off To Story

The funny thing about doing a liveshot is that you always run the risk of missing news while you’re busy reporting the news. When you end up doing your local news liveshot, and you’re telling the anchor and audience about all the reporters who’ve gathered to–maybe–hear from a newsmaker, well, that newsmaker might pick just that moment to show up–you know, while you’re tied up. That happened this week to a News 12 Long Island reporter, and wow if the results aren’t among the funniest few moments of TV you’ll see all week.

Matt Pieper, we feel your pain. The reporter had just started his report–about Nafissatou Diallo, the woman accusing former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault, telling us that she was believed to be in a church in Canarsie, Brooklyn, and was expected to make her first public comments. Journalists from around the world had gathered to get the story, and from just about the moment Pieper begins to speak, you can watch a nonstop flow of those reporters piling out of the church, running behind Pieper, and heading off to a parking lot. “Seems as though maybe she is running out the back door, actually,” Pieper says, as anxiety floods his face and body. “My gosh, this is really going on as we speak.”

Watch it here, from News 12:


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