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Local News Reporter Kills Sandwich With Hatchet In Liveshot To… Wait, Why Again?

When it comes to taking a mildly bizarre story and suddenly making it an over-the-top TV event, there’s really nothing like local news. Case in point: WHDH-TV in Boston, which assigned reporter Susan Tran to cover the story of a guy who became enraged in a Quincy, Mass store when shoppers asked him to turn down his radio. The guy grabbed a hatchet, threatened shoppers, and at some point chopped a Subway sandwich in half. (Because that’s what you do, right?)

Fine. Weird enough. But of course this is local news, so that means to properly tell the story, a reporter simply has to have a hatchet…and a sandwich. And yes, the reporter has to chop the sandwich in half on live television. You know, so viewers can understand.

So Tran whipped out a hatchet in her 11 p.m. liveshot and positively killed an innocent sandwich. The rest of the story includes a few more hatchet chops thrown in for good measure and the delightful soundbite from Capt. John Dougan of the Quincy Police who, with a full-on Boston accent, describes how the party “threw a tonic at one of the patrons.”

Watch it here, from WHDH:

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