Local Sportscaster Throws ‘Good Friend’ Under the Bus For Stealing Story During Broadcast


KRON-4’s sportscaster Gary Radnich may have claimed that he was simply joking, but you can watch this clip for judge for yourself how upset he was in the middle of a live broadcast this weekend.

The issue at hand stemmed from a story that Radnich was apparently prepared to discuss on-air Saturday for KRON-4 in San Francisco. Radnich, who joined the station in 1985 according to his official bio, was immediately incredulous at the beginning of his segment, revealing that his peer Catherine Heenan had apparently already reported on the same story minutes earlier.

“We should tell you LeBron James is gonna star…” he begins, before shooting Heenan a fierce looks-could-kill glance, “…in Space Jam.”

“We actually… oh. Are you mad? ‘Cuz I already said that,” replied Heenan uncomfortably.

Clearly ticked off, the veteran sportscaster seemed to provokingly test Heenan at her general sports knowledge, prompting her with, “How’s Steph Curry‘s knee?”

“How long have we been friends? 23 years. Have you ever — and I’m gonna say this with a smile — have you ever heard me say right before you came on, ‘There’s an irrigation problem in Gilroy,'” he clapped back further at his thunder-stealing KRON compatriot.

Heenan attempted to laugh it off with an eye roll before laying the culpability at the feet of the station’s producer, a move that earned even more rebuked from the wrathful Radnich. He noted that she was a longtime family friend, telling the likely very confused audience at home, “[Catherine] has written my mother notes, and she’s stolen my material.”

Radnich took to Facebook later on in the day to attempt to wash the whole thing aside, saying simply, “Wow! I must be a good actor. All this feedback from people who thought I was mad. Please watch again. I’m playing!”

The frustration at not being able to deliver the sweet, sweet LeBron James hot take (which broke as a news story a full year ago, by the way) was visible Gary; the steam was coming out of your ears, and we all saw it man. Watch the above clip from KRON-4 in San Francisco.

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