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Local TV Reporter Interviews ‘Sexy Mugshot’ Guy Because Of Course

The natural progress of memes is for the internet to first go crazy over it and then mainstream news outlets take it to an unnecessary and/or corny level. Take, for instance, the “sexy mugshot” guy everyone talked about on social media this week.

When the Stockton Police Department posted a mugshot of recent arrest Jeremy Meeks to their Facebook page, people went wild, dubbing him “sexy mugshot guy” or “sexy felon” or “attractive convict,” with plenty of commenters gushing over his dreamy blue eyes. Take a look in the comments (click the little thought bubble at the bottom):

Not long after Meeks became a phenomenon, Sacramento’s News10 did your usual local newsification of the story: 1) Do some finger-wagging at people fawning over a felon; and 2) Find the guy and interview him in small soundbites to get the hot scoop.

And so reporter Nick Monacelli caught up with Meeks and found out the backstory behind his tear-drop tattoo and other pressing questions. Below, via KXTV:

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