‘Lock and Load, Motherf*cker!’ Stewart Rips Palin and NRA ‘Paranoia’

Jon Stewart went after Sarah Palin and the NRA on Tuesday night for projecting incredible paranoia about a supposed war against them by the rest of the country, responding not with a desire for more electable candidates but with “lock and load, motherfuckers!”

After indulging in a fair bit of Donald Sterling schadenfreude, Stewart lambasted Palin for linking a Christian sacrament like baptism to something like torture before going after the NRA and the “in-no-way undermedicated” Wayne LaPierre for projecting victimization against the “haters” and literally everything President Obama is doing, with the implication that everything from Obamacare to gay marriage can only be caught if you have a gun.

Stewart also took on a Georgia law being called the “guns everywhere law” because it allows guns in bars, churches, and schools. But not the state capitol, because apparently, as Stewart put it, they’re just gun voyeurs enjoying the show, like someone who goes to an orgy just to watch.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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