Lone Survivor SEAL: If Senators Got Care at VA, ‘It’d Probably Get Fixed’

Marcus Luttrell, the retired U.S. Navy SEAL who is also the subject of the book and film Lone Survivor, appeared on Fox & Friends on Wednesday where he was asked for his thoughts on the ongoing Veterans Affairs scandal. The Purple Heart recipient told the Fox hosts that it’s likely the system would be more responsive if members of Congress received their care there. When asked, Luttrell also seemed to endorse reforming the current VA system into a voucher program in which veterans could receive care at private hospitals.

When asked what the major problems are with the VA, Luttrell confessed that he does not go to the hospitals. “I was lucky enough to have my state take care of me privately,” he said.

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Host Steve Doocy noted that a voucher-like system would reduce the stress on the VA system. Luttrell agreed.

“If you had to put people, senators — if they had to go for their VA to get care, it would probably get fixed,” Luttrell concluded

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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