Random Observation: Business Insider’s Henry Blodget Looks Exactly Like Bloomberg’s Josh Green

We were watching MSNBC this morning and presumed that Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget was making a guest appearance on Alex Wagner‘s program. After all Blodget has appeared on MSNBC many times before. Alas, when the chyron appeared on screen we realized that strawberry blonde hair belonged to another youthful looking fellow from a “business” publication Bloomberg‘s Josh Green. Huh? I mean come on, ginger locks are rare and only sprout from the heads of two percent of the U.S. population. They’re the Olsen twins of the news world (I should know because I am one of them).

I understand that this random observation is not a typical “Mediaite post” but the similarities are so striking and go well beyond the hair. These two are not just doppelgangers in similar fields, they have the same darn expressions too! Come on. You tell me. Parent Trap, anyone?

Blodget on the left, Green on the right

Green on the left, Blodget on the right

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