Longtime Northam Friend Defends Him on CNN: So Many People Say They’ve ‘Not Seen a Racist Bone in His Body’

Carla Savage-Wells is a childhood friend of  Ralph Northam and campaigned for him. She is also defending the embattled Virginia governor.

Speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Monday night, she said it was “completely inaccurate” to describe Northam as someone who does not like black people.

“You’ve had so many people to say that they have not seen a racist bone in his body and I can attest to that from 1972,” Savage-Wells told Cuomo.

She then said she agrees if Northam quits now he will be branded a racist for life.

Cuomo then pressed Savage-Wells on Northam’s undergraduate nickname which seems to suggest he doesn’t like blacks.

“You have a picture of him at VMI where he was undergrad where we had this ugly nickname –no reason for us to say it… But it speaks to somebody that doesn’t like blacks and you’re saying completely inaccurate. That’s not who he is,” Cuomo probed.

Savage-Wells agreed.

“Completely inaccurate,” she repeated.

She then offered her own take on what she thinks happened.

“This is my take on it,” she explained.  “He felt compelled to apologize for whatever actions he may have had as a child, and we know that 25 is not 18. But anybody that’s 45 and has a mortgage knows that 25 is not grown.”

Then after talking about the good her friend can still do as governor, she concluded, “If Ralph tells me he’s not in that picture, I believe him.”

Watch above, via CNN

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