Lou Dobbs and Seb Gorka Personally Beg Trump to Release the Memo ‘Unredacted and Unchanged’

#ReleaseTheMemo continues from every corner of the conservative land, including a double helping from Seb Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, and Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs.

On Lou Dobbs Tonight, the two Trumpians had a love-fest surrounding the release of the Nunes memo, which the president has claimed he supports. (And the FBI, by the way, does not.)

“God willing the president will be triumphant tomorrow,” Gorka said. “He will say, ‘release it, unredacted. And at that point, we will owe Devin Nunes a deep debt of gratitude.”

“And yet we’ve got a chief of staff apparently willing to change the doggone memorandum from the House Intel Committee to serve five professionals from the FBI suddenly sitting in the chief of staff office to negotiate it?” Dobbs said. “This is an attempt to threaten the president of the United States. How dare them?!?!”

“We’ve got a few hours for the president to do the right thing,” Gorka replied. “I know he watches certain shows on this channel, so let’s send a very clear message. Mr. President, the American people need to see the whole memo. Please release the unredacted memo.”

“Unredacted and unchanged by the White House I think makes all the sense in the world,” Dobbs added.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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