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Lou Dobbs Bizarrely Scolds Mike Pompeo For Disrespecting Trump With Use of First Person Singular

Fox News’ host Lou Dobbs apparently doesn’t think Secretary of State Mike Pompeo should be allowed to speak in the first person singular.

In an awkward exchange with former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka, Dobbs handed President Donald Trump with “the vast preponderance of the credit” for the state of U.S.-North Korea relations, noting that he had a bone to pick with Pompeo, whom Gorka had praised.

Dobbs said he was stunned by the secretary of state’s speech pattern and that “that Mike Pompeo, in office just a matter of weeks, has already started using the first person singular if he were working for President Obama rather than President Donald Trump.”

He added that Trump always “talks about America, Americans” and uses the term “we.”

Now, things have changed, Dobbs said, remarking that “suddenly we have a newly-minted secretary of state who’s talking about himself, in the first person singular.” Dobbs called the whole thing “off-putting.”

In an attempt to ease his concerns, Gorka said it was “nothing to worry about.”

“This individual, you know, I’ve broken bread with this man in the White House,” Gorka said of Pompeo. “He’s a complete loyalist to the president.”

However, that didn’t seem to do much for Dobbs, who had a request for his guest.

“The next time you do, ask him for the good manners to acknowledge that the man who makes the policy is the president of the United States, and first person should be reserved accordingly.”

As the interview closed, Gorka promptly shot back, “he knows that.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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