Lou Dobbs Asks Why U.S. Doesn’t ‘Go to War’ With China: Chinese Hacking ‘No Different Than Pearl Harbor’

On his show on Thursday, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs wondered why the United States doesn’t go to war with China over hacking. He also ripped both Republican and Democratic administrations for doing nothing, until now.

Earlier today, the Trump administration’s Department of Justice announced charges against two Chinese nationals for hacking.

During a conversation on Chinese hackers stealing from Boeing and 3500 companies alleged companies in China whose sole purpose is cyberespionage, Dobbs suggested the hacking is so bad, it may be worth going to war.

After slamming the Obama administration for trying to make an agreement with China and noting “by golly” the nation has a right to defend ourselves, Dobbs said this: “Hell, I can’t understand why we wouldn’t go to war over this kind of monstrous theft.”

Then a bit later, Dobbs went so far as to compare cyber-attacks to the deadly attack on Pearl Harbor.

“Frankly, I don’t understand this,” Dobbs said. “Absent casualties and that is killed and wounded, this is no different than Pearl Harbor. I mean, we are watching the destruction of hundreds of thousands, hundreds of millions and billions of dollars every year.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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