Lou Dobbs Rips Minneapolis Mayor for Lacking ‘Guts,’ Decries ‘Failure’ of Community Leadership Amid Riots: ‘I Don’t Know Where the Black Churches Are’


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs decried a “failure” in leadership in the Minneapolis community and local government amid the unrest and rioting in Minneapolis in the wake of the alleged murder of George Floyd by a police officer.

Speaking with Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Pete Hegseth, a native of a Minneapolis suburb, Dobbs decried the actions of the four ex-police officers involved in the death of Floyd, one of whom was charged with third-degree murder on Friday. But after turning to the protest violence and unrest from Thursday night, which included overrunning and setting fire to the police precinct tied to the Floyd killing, the pair of pundits targeted the local black community for being at fault.

“You’ve seen it in every way this has been handled,” Hegseth said. “Ultimately you can’t have a sin, a terrible thing that was committed to George Floyd be compounded by absolute lawlessness and the utter destruction of looters and rioters who are crushing a community and businesses inside that community.”

“It is terrible, and it is without question a tragedy and also a needless tragedy,” Dobbs said. “You have to wonder where are the leaders of the community? Where have they been during city council meetings? Where have they been trying to counsel this inexperienced and untested mayor who is facile and unwilling to stand up like a man and take responsibility in a moment of great sorrow and pain for his community?”

“To see this kind of ignorance unleashed on the streets of Minneapolis because a mayor doesn’t have guts, because the city council isn’t engaged, because the community there isn’t engaged with the city council, obviously,” Dobbs added. “They had the ability to control their lives with those local power centers, and I don’t know where the black churches are, I don’t know where the black teachers and leaders are. It is such a failure of community and local government that it’s just a pathetic.”

“It’s been abandonment more than just in a moment where you leave it to be rioted and looted. It’s a generation of abandonment because of left-wing policies that have failed that community,” Hegseth said. “I want to live, Lou, in the kind of place where if someone’s at my Cub foods, which is what happened, and maybe using a fraudulent $20 bill, that owner have call the police, and the police will be there in two minutes regardless of the race or gender of who’s calling and try to be the rightful arbiter. Unfortunately, the wrong thing happened on the scene, and what has unfolded since is people whose businesses are being destroyed and and crushed can’t call anyone as their livelihoods are gone. And that is a direct reflection of a total void of leadership.”

“And you’re exactly right,” Dobbs agreed.

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network.

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