Lou Dobbs Blows Up at ‘Hollow Carcasses’ in GOP: Should Tell Dems Probing Trump ‘The Hell With You!’


Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs went on a rant blasting Republican leaders for, as he argued, not doing enough to stand by President Donald Trump amid what POTUS himself has dubbed “presidential harassment.”

He spoke with Congressman Andy Biggs and asked him why the leadership of his party isn’t doing more to stand up for Trump, bringing up House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler in particular given the back-and-forth over Acting AG Matthew Whitaker‘s testimony.

“One of those chairman who’s going after the president,” Dobbs said. “At what point do you believe––is there such a point––that the Republican party will rise up and say ‘The hell with you! This stops, and we mean now!’ Where is Mitch McConnell? Where is your minority leader? Is there anyone that has any kind of heart, any kind of soul left in the corporate-owned Republican party?!”

Biggs said they need “more people with hearts of lions” before slamming Nadler. But Dobbs brought things back to the GOP and asked, “Where are the voices of the Republicans on Capitol Hill?! Or do you guys all just simply represent the Chamber of Commerce, the business roundtable, the Koch brothers, Wall Street––I mean, who the hell do you represent?! You don’t raise your voices for integrity, for the working man and woman in this country, the middle class. Who the hell do you represent?!”

And he was clearly frustrated with the GOP, because the issue came up again later in his show.

In talking with former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, Dobbs again talked about the Democratic investigations and said Trump shouldn’t have to “put up with that.” Powell agreed that Republicans “aren’t standing up for him like they need to.”

And Dobbs went off again, asking, “Why is the leadership of the Republican party filled with so many hollow carcasses?!”

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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