Lou Dobbs Defends Trump on Alabama, Mocks Media Coverage: ‘This Is Madness’


President Donald Trump has spent a few days insisting his tweet about Alabama and Hurricane Dorian was correct (including the immediately infamous Sharpie marking), and now the NOAA has put out a statement disavowing the Birmingham National Weather Service for their tweet correcting the president.

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs defended Trump tonight, said he’s been vindicated, and mocked the media reaction.

“The national left-wing media went apoplectic over the past few days,” Dobbs said with a laugh.

He shared headlines from CNN, the Washington Post, and others, mockingly declaring, “This is the stuff of which Emmy awards are made.”

“It’s not exactly a mere loss of the sense of proportion on the part of the left wing fake news media,” Dobbs said. “This is madness what we have witnessed over the last few days.”

Dobbs brought up the statement from NOAA tonight and concluded that this should all serve as a lesson to the media, because “you mess with a bull, you get the horn.”

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