Lou Dobbs: DOJ/FBI Leaders ‘Are Corrupt’ and ‘Crooked’ and Need to Be Immediately Removed


The recent news that the FBI failed to preserve five months’ worth of texts between embattled FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page is sure to get the pro-Trump media and the president’s fiercest allies fired up. And on this evening’s broadcast of Lou Dobbs Tonight, you can bet the Fox Business host pointed to this story as further proof that the Deep State needs to be brought to justice.

Speaking to former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, Lou Dobbs tore into both the Department of Justice and FBI, claiming that both organizations are riddled with corruption and something needs to be done to clean them out.

“An agency and a department sworn to preserve the national security violating law, violating law and order, and the Constitution,” Dobbs addressed Bolton. “And denying Congress the fulfillment of its responsibility, which is to oversee those two organizations. This is reprehensible. What do you think can be done — most expediently, to preserve evidence — and to bring people who are in positions of authority to bay to prevent further corruption?”

After Bolton said that he has worked with the FBI many times and he has respect for the agents working there, Dobbs jumped in to tear into the leadership.

“The rank and file is not an issue,” the Fox Business host declared. “The people that lead those — the Department of Justice and FBI — are corrupt, they are crooked and they need to be removed forthwith!”

Watch the clip above, via Fox Business.

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