Lou Dobbs Goes on Warpath Against ‘Pathetic Stain’ Paul Ryan, RNC Chair McDaniel Refuses to Defend Him

You wouldn’t think Ronna Romney McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, appearing on Lou Dobbs‘ Fox Business Network show would be an awkward affair.

But close readers of Mediaite might know that Dobbs has a special pitchfork reserved for Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House.

So in a punishing 5 minute interview, Dobbs absolutely destroyed the House Speaker repeatedly in front of McDaniel, avoiding her attempts to steer the conversation back to Trump in favor of trashing the very man whose party McDaniel leads.

McDaniel’s responses were telling. After declaring that the most important thing for Republican voters is that their candidates support President Donald Trump, she refused to defend Ryan, or even mention him by name, and threw out a remarkable claim: “I will say proudly that the Republican Party is the Trump Party.”

Dobbs kicked things of furiously. “Speaker Ryan is sitting there. He is like the Walking Dead in that Speaker’s office. You can watch him killing the party.”

“What he is doing is selling out to RINOs, K Street,” Dobbs added. “What he is doing is a pathetic stain on the Republican Party in the House.”

McDaniel dodged.

“I will say, I think President Trump is going to be our biggest champion in winning these midterms,” she said, before pivoting to a critique of Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Dobbs persisted: “But why does it have to be despite a guy who’s obviously sold out to Wall Street, to the Koch brothers, to the Business Roundtable, to the Chamber of Commerce?”

The Fox Business host continued to rail against Ryan for his call to raise the retirement age, reduce social security and cut back on Medicare.

“He is tearing up the soul of the Republican Party at a time when this president is leading Republicans toward certain victory in November despite the historic comparatives that suggest that it should be a time of defeat for party in power,” Dobbs added.

McDaniel dodged again.

“Well there was a shift with President Trump,” she said. “And I will say proudly that the Republican Party is the Trump Party.”

Dobbs carried on his warpath: “And Speaker Ryan is talking about his own agenda, the Better Way agenda, shrinking entitlements. Has he heard anything you’ve said?”

“I know that president talks to the speaker often,” McDaniel said, before coming dangerously close to defending Ryan: “The speaker — the House has delivered really good legislation this year.”

“Anyone who doesn’t embrace the Trump agenda and doesn’t recognize the issues that propelled us to victory in White House is going to be making a mistake,” she added.

“Hopefully the speaker, if he is not too busy being obsequious to all of the lobbyists and the donor class in this country, heard you and will take the lesson,” Dobbs concluded. “Otherwise it is amnesty for illegal immigrants, and we could begin as early as tonight if the speaker has his way.”

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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