Lou Dobbs On Donald Trump: ‘Folks Should Always Understand… Their Limitations’

Lou Dobbs‘ new new show on Fox Business Network recently celebrated its 100th episode, and in celebration, the host took a bit of a victory lap by appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Dobbs and host briefly onded over New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen and their common bond of being television hosts, when Jimmy Fallon asked about some political figures. Dobbs gave GOP front runner Mitt Romney some muted praise for saying the right things, before giving Donald Trump a backhanded compliment.

When asked on whether Romney can continue to sit on the sidelines and stay in the lead, Dobbs said “I think it won’t work. I think that there are so many voices right now in the Republican party that are competing. He did something very interesting. I’ve got to give the Governor credit, he came out and actually said he’s against this debt ceiling deal and…that’s a big position for him. I think he’s wrong, but it’s a great position.”

He then was asked about whether he felt Donald Trump‘s reconsideration of a presidential bid is a joke. Dobbs replied “As far as I’m concerned it is. He’s a well-meaning guy, a smart guy, but you know, one thing folks should always understand are their limitations.”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of NBC:

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