Lou Dobbs Praises Trump, Flunks History: ‘No President in His First Term in Office Has Ever Seen This Kind of Challenge and Threat to the United States’


In his first term, President Abraham Lincoln faced the treasonous secession of 11 states and put down a bloody, four-year rebellion that killed more than a half million U.S. soldiers.

But the 16th president’s peerless leadership in winning a civil war and restoring the Union still did not match the level of adversity that President Donald Trump has overcome in his first four years, according to Fox Business host and dubious student of American history, Lou Dobbs.

During a segment of his Monday show with ardent Trump fan Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Dobbs noted that a recent NBC/WSJ poll found that 52% of Republicans said they were more a support of the president’s than a supporter of the Republican Party. (It also found that Trump trailed Biden by seven percentage points, 42 – 49%, among registered voters. ) He then fired off his outrage at supposedly disloyal Republicans like Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), who recently marched with Black Lives Matter protestors, or former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former George W. Bush, who are reportedly not going to vote for Trump in the fall.

Dobb has a long track record of not only policing any GOP apostasy about the current president, but of lauding Trump with grandiose praise — whether it’s been genuflecting about Trump’s intelligence, posting absurdly hagiographic “polls,” about his excellenceunapologetically basking in Trump’s reciprocal praise (as part of an ongoing phenomenon of self-aggrandizement), or, getting even more surreal, intimating Trump’s transcendence beyond mere mortals and encouraging Americans to express their thanks for Trump’s apparent ethereal power.

The Fox Business host appeared to break new ground, however, when he attempts to memory hole both the nation’s bloodiest threat to its existence as well as someone who most historians rank as the best U.S. president, all to unequivocally push Trump to the top of the list.

“Well, an we have a president who has, is, in my opinion, the greatest president in the country’s history,” Dobbs claimed. “He has handled not only this pandemic, this crisis, but every one that’s preceded it. I mean, no president in his first term in office has ever seen this kind of challenge and threat to the United States and overcome it.”

“I just cannot comprehend Mitt Romneys and the other RINOs of the Senate in particular. You may be distressed to learn that Colin Powell is not going to vote for him, Congressman, in November,” Dobbs said, his sarcasm apparent. “He didn’t the last time either. You may be astonished to find that George W. Bush, the way the national left-wing media’s reporting it, they were sure, sure Trump votes going into this.”

” I think that the last time I was listening to Colin Powell he was saying something about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,” Gaetz said, before bizarrely claiming the 43rd president somehow gave in to the liberal press. “President Trump seems to be realigning our priorities to our people. That’s something that George W. Bush had real challenges with. Yeah, I mean, his strategy was to surrender to left-wing media. Donald Trump is not a president who will surrender anything.”

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network.

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