Lou Dobbs Sounds Off on Executive Salaries: ‘CEO Pay is Out of Line’

Regular Lou Dobbs Tonight viewers have been well conditioned to believe the country has been doing an awful lot of winning under President Donald Trump. But the Fox Business Network host does think there’s at least one problem in the country that needs major fixing — bloated executive pay.

Appearing on a Fox Business town hall Thursday, Dobbs blasted CEO salaries as being far too excessive.

“CEO pay in this country is out of line,” Dobbs said. “It is absolutely an anomaly within American history. And since 1993, when we made stock options reportable but not deductible, we have, we’ve changed the metrics here.”

“The worker, the employee, is watching management soar in compensation. While workers have just a disadvantage as part of that ratio. It should be much, much less than 500 to one. Historically the number is anywhere from 20 to 25 times as much. And that has to be addressed.”

According to Dobbs, it falls to stockholders to make their voices heard on the issue in order to create the changes needed.

“It should be addressed by the stakeholders, including the people that own the companies, that is, shareholders. The idea it’s an alignment between shareholders and management is just specious nonsense.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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