‘Loud Noises!’ Morning Joe Likens Republican Impeachment Defense to Anchorman’s Brick Tamland

Morning Joe made a funny and dismissive comparison Thursday morning, dismissing Republican defense of the impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump by likening their debate approach to that of the uninformed yelling by a moronic character from Anchorman.

The conversation was pegged to a recent column written by frequent Morning Joe guest Kurt Bardella that asks why the Republicans participating in congressional hearings are constantly yelling. Bardella writes:

If there’s one thing we’ve seen consistently from Republicans during the past few weeks of congressional impeachment hearings, it’s yelling.

The articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump have been drafted and the process is now moving steadily towards a vote in the House. But GOP lawmakers, especially GOP men, aren’t going down quietly. Perhaps Democratic Coalition’s Jon Cooper put it best when he tweeted Monday, “Why is Doug Collins always yelling?” CNBC’s Christina Wilkie pointed out a similar phenomenon, noting that Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz was “yelling about whether the rules of the hearing are, in fact, the rules of the hearing.”

The scene in Anchorman is embedded below and features the news team assembles in their bosses office to complain of his hiring of a female news anchor. Amidst the yelling and screaming in protest, Steve Carrell’s character Brick Tamland joins in by yelling “I don’t know what we are yelling about,” then later “loud noises!”

Bardella explained to Morning Joe viewers “We’ve seen time and again with all these proceedings Republicans fall back on the same strategy which is to yell as frequently as possible and loudly as possible in the hopes that nobody will notice that they have not described this call with Zelinsky as a perfect call. That they’ve not once talked about defending the substance of what the president is accused of.”

Also in the segment, Joe Scarborough derided Rep. Jim Jordan’s old chestnut that Democrats hate those who live in the “flyover” states.

“You know, you can roll up your shirt sleeves and take off your jacket as long as you want to. You can do this us versus them flyover space crap, I invented that, all right,” Scarborough said. “Me and a lot of other guys invented that while you were going around at Ohio State and working with that guy Quinn or quil or whatever his name was that was doing bad things to wrestlers that he shouldn’t have done while other people were turning their heads. Let’s not try that flyover space garbage.”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC, or the Anchorman clip below via YouTube.

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