Louis C.K. Tells Jay Leno ‘You’re The Weirdest Looking Person On The Planet Earth’

Comedian Louis C.K. stopped by The Tonight Show Monday, where he provided host Jay Leno with some compelling reasons for being gay before the two launched into a very satisfying read-off.

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C.K. pointed out that straight men are the only people who worry about being misidentified — it’s not as if straight women worry about being thought of as lesbians, and vice-versa, or like gay men lose sleep over someone assuming they might be straight. And straight men miss out on a lot: using the word “wonderful” in casual conversation, for instance, or being able to snuggle in the crook of a portly buddy’s arm. It’s a damn shame, is what it is.

When the topic changed to C.K.’s manner of dress (Leno observed that he looked like nothing so much as “a man who tried to dress himself.”), the two began trading barbs, to hilarious results.

Have a look, courtesy of NBC:

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