Maddow and O’Donnell Have a Grand Old Time Laughing at a Glaring Error On the First Page of Trump’s Lawsuit Against His Niece


Donald Trump is suing his niece Mary Trump, The New York Times, and three of the paper’s reporters, The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday night. The suit alleges they engaged in an “insidious plot” to try to obtain the former president’s private records for a story about his tax returns.

After reporting on the lawsuit earlier in her show, Rachel Maddow noticed something off about the complaint and couldn’t wait to share it with Lawrence O’Donnell during the handoff. The two had a jolly old time reveling in a silly malapropism on the very first page of the suit.

MADDOW: I just got the lawsuit during the commercial break. But on page one, it says, “The defendants’ actions were motivated by a personal vendetta and their desire to gain fame, notoriety, acclaim, and a financial windfall and were further intended to advance their political agenda.”

Then it says this: “The brazenness of the defendants’ actions cannot be understated.”


Cannot be understated. Cannot be–wait a minute. Let me get my–cannot be understated.

O’DONNELL: Impossible to rewrite. Rachel, do not try to rewrite art, ok? Do not.

MADDOW: That’s page one of the lawsuit! Cannot be understated. Ok. How can you not understate brazenness?! I’m sorry.

O’DONNELL: He has the lawyers who think the way he does.

MADDOW: Yup. And who apparently, you know–I don’t know. Never mind. I will not speculate.

O’DONNELL: Donald Trump and his lawyers went to the same word school.

MADDOW: Only the best.

O’DONNELL: Mm-hmm, only the best.

MADDOW: Only the finest.

Trump is seeking at least $100 million each from his niece and the Times. The ex-president is notoriously litigious and has used the civil courts to bully defendants. It’s unclear what if any merit this latest action has. Mary Trump responded forcefully, calling her uncle “a fucking loser” in a comment to the Beast.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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