Maddow Calls Out GOP Rep for Doubting Russian Interference: ‘Crazy…Fox News Primetime Conspiracy Stuff’


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow called a Republican member of Congress for doubting Russians were behind the election-meddling troll farms despite ample evidence that they were.

Maddow’s comments came during a conversation on MSNBC about Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony.

Host Nicolle Wallace noted that only when talk turned to Russia did Mueller appear the most animated.

Wallace then said that it was only at that moment that she saw a “crack in that human shield of Republicans against the President with Congressman Hurd actually deigning to ask a question about the nature of that threat from Russia.”

Next, turning to Maddow, who had called into her show, Maddow asked this: “Do you think that this shifts the conversation around Russia as an adversary?”

Maddow responded by first noting that she noticed that Republicans other than Hurd who also acknowledged Mueller’s “stark warning” on Russia.

She then stressed, though, that it wasn’t all the Republicans and pointed out one GOP member — who she declined to name — flat out embarrassed himself by suggesting that the troll farm was not a Russian operation.

“There was one Republican member who I won’t embarrass by singling him out by name, he embarrassed himself enough by suggesting that the troll farm, the Internet Research Agency, maybe wasn’t a Russian operation and that having been proven, he is kind of taking the conquered management side in that ongoing case against the Russian troll farm linked to that Russian oligarch,” she said.

Maddow then pointed out that there is definitely some “primetime conspiracy stuff” among Republicans, but it is not all of them.

“I mean, there’s definitely some crazy, like, Fox News primetime conspiracy stuff going on among the Republicans, but they weren’t all like that,” she stressed. Yes, there was one Republican member who was demanding that there be more citations of Fox News in Mueller’s report, which is a laugh out loud moment. But Hurd and a few of the other members were talking seriously about Russia and I hope that Mitch McConnell heard that and might want to be constructive about 2020.”

While Maddow did not call the Congressman out by name, she is likely referring to the testimony of Rep. Tom McClintock.

During his questioning on Mueller on Wednesday, McClintock, cast doubt on the findings that Russians were behind the election-meddling internet trolls.

“For example … you have left the clear impression throughout the country, through your report, that it was the Russian government behind the troll farms,” McClintock said. “And yet when you’re called upon to provide actual evidence in court, you fail to do so.”

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